Joys, Cares & Concerns


Please let share in these joys, cares and concerns of our fellow members:

Shari Hansen is currently at Pekin Federal Prison, and she has given us permission to share her info with the fellowship.

Shari Hansen #47507424

Pekin FPC

PO Box 5000

Pekin, Il 61555

Fyi: You can send letters on while paper in white envelopes only, don't send cards, she will only get a photocopy and will not get home made  cards at all. You need to handwrite your address on the envelope, you cannot use an address label. You can also send 4x6 size photos up to 25 in a package, and soft cover books, up to 5 per package.  You can not mail her money of any kind through the mail.  Let us know if you have any questions.




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