The following is the listing of Guidelines as per the green Information Packet booklet that is listed as literature item #28 on the GA approved literature form on the inside of each month's ISO Bulletin.


  1. Attend all physical Board of Trustees meetings and answer all mail and quick response board meetings.


  2. Be a living example of the precepts of Gamblers Anonymous and personally work the Steps of Recovery and Unity.


  3. Uphold the Guidance Code, and all decisions made by the Board of Trustees (not fulfilling this affects G.A. as a whole).


  4. Attend as many of the various group meetings within your area as possible. Where physical attendance is not possible, keep in regular communication through the mail and/or telephone.


  5. Be available to all members and groups in your Trustee area for advice and guidance. Work with the trusted servants to correct the issues that do not conform with the Guidance Code and all decisions of the Board of Trustees (not fulfilling this affects G.A. as a whole).


  6. Attend Gamblers Anonymous functions such as open meetings, mini-conferences, dinner dances, picnics, etc.


  7. Offer assistance to any group that has a problem.


  8. Serve actively on committees on the Board of Trustees.


  9. Be a Lifeliner and encourage group and membership to support the International Service Office through Lifelines and Group Contributions.


  10. Regularly attend Gamblers Anonymous meetings, at least thirty-nine Gamblers Anonymous meetings a year.


  11. Make area groups aware of and encourage use of tools of Gamblers Anonymous such as Pressure Group Pamphlets, Group Handbook, Sponsorship Pamphlets, Big Book, Public Relations Material, Ninety Day Plateau, New Member Letter, etc.


  12. Attend Regional or Intergroup meetings if they exist in your area.


  13. Actively participate in communicating with the Board of Trustees, individual members, group, Intergroup, to obtain agenda items for the Board of Trustees.


  14. A Trustee should offer assistance to any members starting a new G.A. group.


  15. A Trustee should regularly write his/her area happenings and any other thoughts to the bulletin.


  16. Uphold the Board of Trustees responsibilities to the Literature Committee and its approved guidelines by: 

    1. being completely familiar, prior to the B.O.T. meetings, with the content of all literature submitted to the B.O.T. for approval;

    2. making suggestions to the Literature Committee for improvement of said literature, if approved by B.O.T., within 30 days subsequent to the B.O.T. meetings. (note: Literature proposal from a committee, once passed, are excluded from B.O.T. suggestions.)


  17. Bring all upcoming agenda items to the attention of all groups in your area prior to all B.O.T. meetings for input that will guide all the trustees from your area at all B.O.T. meetings.

    Updated as of Montreal - Fall 2009