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Phone Service Hotline Information


Download this form to volunteer to take calls on the the

  Chicagoland GA phone service:


New Phone Service Volunteer Application Form

Contact Janice N or Peggy S at:


 Volunteer Information

Gamblers Anonymous Area 8 Trustees


Visit the GA Trustee Website here


Click HERE to see the Gamblers Anonymous Board of Trustees

Rolling Agenda for the next National Trustee Meeting


Please Review the agenda items and give your feedback to any of the trustees.

Let a Trustee know when a member passes away during the year.  GA members who have passed are recognized at every national trustee meeting, and entered into the minutes of the meeting.

All 4 of the Area 8 Trustees are voting for these items.  Only 2 trustees will have their expenses paid by Chicagoland Intergroup to physically attend each semi-annual national Trustee meeting.

Please contact a trustee if you have any questions or suggestions for the GA fellowship

 Area 8



7/1/22 - 6/30/24

Mary D -

Donna -

Dianna -

Cindi M -

Chicagoland GA Supplies Order Process



    All rooms are to be self supporting for all supplies.

   Anniversary Pins are paid for by Intergroup if announced and approved through the Pinning Chairperson, but the meeting room still must order them for the pinnee!


Download the PDF Order Form HERE


Download the PDF form, fill out, then email to: